Diagram Ursine Armor

Required Level 20
Armorer Required Journeyman
Item Type Witcher Gear
Type of Armor Heavy

Ursine Armor is a Diagram in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that can be crafted by an Armorsmith.


Diagram Diagram Ursine Armor Information

  • Heavy Armor with 120 Armor Rating
  • Adrenaline Point Gain 5%
  • Piercing Res +5%
  • Bludgeoning Res +5%
  • Slashing Res +15%
  • Monster Res +20%


Materials Needed


Diagram Location

From Scavanger Hunt Bear School Witcher Gear Guide

An Skellig is the smallest island inhabited by a Clan in the Skellige Isles, and its where we start our quest. Take the Signpost to Urialla Harbor and take the road leading Northeast out of Town. Travel towards the backside of the island and ignore the broken down road, we can’t traverse it safely. Once we reach the Trail to Yngvar’s Fang, we’ll encounter a hostile Rock Troll who is level 16, dispatch him, as we’ll have to start our climb right past him. Span the gaps along the back side of the island, and dispatch the Sirens and Harpy present with your crossbow. These will be very easy as when they fall to the ground, we can use the knocked-down finisher on them (except for the Harpy, but it's easy enough to dispatch).

Continuing on, our path will fall away, and we’ll have a large gap in front of us, the other side of which lie a staircase. Our way takes us down into the gap, so skate down the incline to the stone road below. Bridge the gap to the gates of the castle and we’re inside.

Here is where we’ll find the first cache of Bear School Diagrams, the Armor. Head inside the single wooden door in the mountain face and take a left. Going down we’ll enter the dungeon where we’ll encounter a lone level 7 Wraith, likely the Bailey. Dispatch him and prepare yourself, you’ll have to face down 4 more Wraiths. When you’re ready, hit the switch at the back of the chamber, and turn around as the cell doors will open and the Wraiths I warned you of will come from the doors. If you don’t feel up to this fight, you can take the first cell on your left, and drop down into the pool below. From this pool we’re going to go up into another passageway. Here, we’ll encounter 2 level 15 Wraiths. You have to kill these, there is no other way. Once the wraiths are dead, continue up and you’ll come into a small throne room.

Next to the throne is a chest with your prize. Grab the stuff, and a level 20 wraith will spawn next to you. It will be neutral for a few seconds, which means it's time to make like a tree. On the opposite wall is a lever, hitting this lever will open the gate back to the door we came in through… and will spawn 4 more level 15 wraiths. This fight was hard, even at level 30, so high-tail it.

Once you’re safe, check your quest inventory and you’ll find a note and a warrant for the arrest of a Witcher -- presumably the one who last had the very diagrams you now have. This will point to two places. A Siren Cave, and the Ruins of Fort Etnir.

You can get your new armor crafted in Urillia Harbor, and then decide upon the next leg of your Hunt.


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