Diagram Enhanced Feline Trousers

Required Level 23
Armorer Required Journeyman
Item Type Witcher Gear
Type of Armor Light

Enhanced Feline Trousers is a Diagram in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that can be crafted by an Armorsmith.


Diagram Enhanced Feline Trousers Information

  • Light Armor with 49 Armor Rating
  • Attack Power +5%
  • Piercing Res +2%
  • Slashing Res +4%
  • Monster Res +4%
  • Elemental Res +10%


Materials Needed


Diagram Location

  • Inside a building in southern Oxenfurt


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    • Anonymous

      I've a bug with the grid that should be open, in my game it's closed and there's no way IG to open it... :/ Anyone had the same problem and know how to solve this issue? :/ Actually, the only way for me to get this pant is by installing the mod for the IG console command :/ Hope there's another way to get it since i prefer not to cheat for getting this trousers :/ So if anyone have an issue to resolve this by opening the grid with maybe a side quest? :/ I've already the treasure hunter quest that ask me to get it so the area should've been activated, no? -> SPOIL I've finished the quest "Get Junior" and killed him. In the main quest i'm at the "Echoes of the Past", so I don't think that I have to advance more in the main quest for this area to get unlocked, do I? :/ -> SPOIL FINISH Please guys help me :( I really want this pant without cheating and, at least, for finish the game at 100% :/

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