Diagram Enhanced Ursine Armor

Required Level 25
Armorer Required Journeyman
Item Type Witcher Gear
Type of Armor Heavy

Enhanced Ursine Armor is a Diagram in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that can be crafted by an Armorsmith.


Diagram Enhanced Ursine Armor Information

  • Heavy Armor with 145 Armor Rating
  • Adrenaline Point Gain 10%
  • Piercing Res +10%
  • Bludgeoning Res +10%
  • Slashing Res +20%
  • Monster Res +30%


Materials Needed


Diagram Location

  • If you’ve grabbed those maps the Merchants like to sell, you’ll already have the signpost for the Grotto, which makes this easy. If you don’t, then you have some sailing, or swimming to do.



The near boat to the cave is at the Ruined Inn we liberated earlier. Head along the coast to the East and you’ll come to a large opening, and you’ll unlock the Grotto Signpost. Head inside and all we have to do is 3 three humans to get our Armor.




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