Spotted Wight

Spotted Wight
Creature Class Necrophages
Range of Health (info here)
Locations Toussaint
Weaknesses Necrophage Oil, Axii
Loot (info here)

Spotted Wight is a Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They were added with the Blood and Wine expansion.


Wight Information

  • Found in: Toussaint
  • Drops:
  • Associated Quests:



  • Attacks:
  • Weaknesses: Necrophage Oil, Axii
  • Strengths:
  • The curse on this creature can be reversed. When hiding in the closet, choose not to kill the monster. You must then choose to eat with the monster WITHOUT spoons. The Spotted Wight must then see it's reflection in the bowl. After she turns human, you can choose to let her live with you. She offers a quest leading to her heirlooms as a reward.


Trivia & Lore

  • Notes on Lore and players notes go here.


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