Mutagens in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are quite different than previous Witcher games. There are now 4 Mutagen slots and a player can have up to 4 equipped at once. These can be changed and are not permanent. Each Mutagen comes in a color and if it is slotted next to Skills of the same color (adjacent slots) then it increases its effectiveness by 100% for each Skill slotted. Mutagen slots become unlocked as the player increases in level. Mutagens can also be used to brew powerful potions called Mutagen Decoctions.

Mutagens come in three tiers: lesser, normal, and greater. Three mutagens of one tier can be used to upgrade to the next tier. Ex: 3x Lesser Red Mutagen -> 1x Red Mutagen. There are also mutagens that drop straight from boss-type enemies, which can be found below. Note that these are similar to other mutagens when equipped, providing no extra bonus, but are unique in their ability to be crafted into decoctions. Also note that like other alchemical items, decoctions refill upon meditation with alcohol, and so must only be crafted once per playthrough.


Red Mutagens Add to Attack Power

Green Mutagens Add to Vitality

Blue Mutagens Add to Sign Intensity

    • Witcher 3 - Mutagens - 5 red, green or blue per minute05 Jul 2016 09:35  

      Every drowner on Skellige will drop one random lesser mutagen. This way I got 50 lesser mutagens in 10 minutes. <br/>Did a short guide on that: <br/>If you lower lvl than go to the abandoned village south of Downwarren in Velen. There will be one alguhl, who drops all kinds of mutagens, also red ones. Meditate to fight him again.

      • "named" Mutagens05 Jul 2016 09:35  

        I have a lot of "named" mutagens llike "griphin mutagen", "nekker mutagen", ... <br/>I think I can remember, that I once saw a possibility to convert a "named" mutagen into a mutagen. <br/>As far as I remember it was in Alchemy and was "small mutagen" - converting a small named mutagen into an unnamed mutagen of the same color. <br/>But I patched the game and now I cannot find this anny more. <br/>I have lots and lots of named mutagens and cannot build normal muragens (for which I would need 3 small mutagens) or greater mutagens - even though I have enough e.a. green mutagens - but all of them not "named" small but Griphon, Nekker, ... But according to their Stats they are small mutagens. <br/>Anny clues what to do?

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