• Master Armourer05 Jul 2016 09:36  

      Does anybody kniw the best way to level up to kill the arch griffon because ive been level grinding for hours from 15 to 20 but it still keeps killing me in just two attacks. Any suggestions?

      • Temerian/Nilfgardian armour05 Jul 2016 09:36  

        I downloaded the add on armoura but I looked at the temerian one when I was a low level so I can only buy the low level one which is no use when I'm level 37, is there a way to get it at a higher level? Was thinking if I uninstalled the dlc then reinstalled it it might work?

        • Graphics05 Jul 2016 09:36  

          I keep hearing about how amazing this game looks and I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Playing on PS4 and it is very fragmented and blocky at times. Textures aren't clear and lighting can be all over the place. Can someone fill me in.

          • Witcher books help!05 Jul 2016 09:36  

            my boyfriend has been talking about the Witcher books. I've been looking around trying to get them but there's either the novels or the short stories... Any advice please!

            • After looking around the Palace and the main doors turn into a fast travel point...05 Jul 2016 09:36  

              it says to bring up the Velen map and click on the "Hanged Man's Tree" ...but there isn't a fast travel mark there, what do I do

              • no game save05 Jul 2016 09:36  

                Changed my PS4 console to the new 1TB one...downloaded all my games ect ect....but Witcher3 did not save....I have to start at the beginning....???... Help

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