Creature Class Draconids
Range of Health (info here)
Locations East of Crow's Perch
Weaknesses Draconid Oil & Aard
Loot Dwarven Axe (Relic, Level 12), Cockatrice trophy

Shrieker is a Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


"Heard you have a problem - a monster you call a shrieker? Aye, prowls about, it does. Snatches cows and goats, mostly, but it won't scorn a man if it runs into one.
— Conversation overhead at Crow's Perch

The monster tormenting the residents of Crow's Perch turned out to be a particularly nasty cockatrice. Geralt was not surprised the baron's men had been unable to stop it. They could not possibly withstand the surgical precision of its strikes, which slice open arteries and provoke an outpouring of blood only the Swallow potion could hope to stop. Neither did they know to force it to the ground with a crossbow, a bomb or a Sign, and then evade its charge by rolling under the monster's outstretched wing.

Just when it seemed the villagers would have to learn to live in the shadow of a bloodthirsty beast, to always look to the sky with fear, the witcher arrived - and put an end to the shrieker for good."

Shrieker Information



The Shrieker is noticeably strong for the recommended level of 8, and will give most players a bit of a headache. The recommended level may be wrong, as an axe with a level requirement of 12 drops from the Shrieker when killed. As such, most players may want to wait until around level 10 or even 12 before taking it on.

  • Attacks: A frontal attack (peck), side swipes with its wings if you are not directly in front of it. Divebombs when in the air.
  • Weaknesses: Draconid Oil & Aard; Its back. The Shrieker has no rear attacks, making it easily its weakest point. If you can stay at its back, you will have a much easier time with this enemy.
  • Strengths: Frontal attacks may be hard to dodge, as they have little delay to start and have quite a lengthy damage window.
  • Use Dancing star to light it on fire allowing a window for you to attack with about 3 Fast attacks or 2 Heavy attacks.


Trivia & Lore

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    • Anonymous

      Like other comments here have mentioned, Quen drastically eases the difficulty of this fight. Just completed at level 6 with no problems. Before using Quen I was spamming food to try and keep the bleed from killing me, Quen eats the bleed so you don't need to worry. Dodge its aerial strikes by rolling away, re-apply Quen everytime it drops, wait for the Shreiker to attack and roll under its wing. You can use quick or heavy attacks once youre behind it. Bombs are great too, the explosive ones can stun the shreiker a bit too, but they're not even needed. Quen, patience, and timing your rolls are the main keys to making this fight easy :-)

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