Winter's Blade

Damage 191-233 Slashing Damage
Required Level 22+
Item Type Relic Steel Sword
Upgrade Slots 2
Weight 2.56 kg

Winter's Blade is a Steel Weapon in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Winter's Blade Information


Weapon Specs

  • 191-233 Slashing Damage
  • Armor Piercing +40
  • Crit Hit Damage Bonus +55%
  • Freeze Chance +10%


Materials Obtained from Deconstruction



  • Obtained from Crach An Craite , Leader of the An Craite Clan in Skellige, during the Quest "Brothers in Arms: Skellige"



  • The sword will scale to your level when you receive it, up to a maximum of 68.


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    • Anonymous

      12 Jun 2018 07:45  

      Previous comment is not viable.
      There was no bug in mechanics.
      It just changed the description of the sword, while it stayed the same, except for +5% for an added slot.

      • Anonymous

        10 Jun 2018 18:29  

        In version 1.31 there's a bug with the runewright. If he applies additional rune slot, the base 10% freeze chance might grow to 25%. Therfore, if the sword is fully improved with Zoria rune for +15% chance to freeze, chance to freeze equals 40%, while before it could reach no more than 20% (basic 10% + 10% of 2 greater Zoria runes).

        • Anonymous

          Didn't get the sword05 Jul 2016 15:37  

          After talking to Crach I received instead a very dissapointing sword which wasn't the Winter Blade. At that moment I was lvl 20, perhaps that's why?

          • Anonymous

            Diagram?05 Jul 2016 15:37  

            Soo.. I've googled this sword and came across some "cheats" where you supposely can craft it as the items needed for it i shown. How does that work? Any other levels this sword could have? I've obtained it as lvl req 20

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