White Raffard's Decoction

white raffards decoction potion witcher 3 wiki guide
Item Type Potion
Rarity Master Item
Effects Immediately restores a portion of Vitality.
35% Vitality
60% Vitality (New Game +)
Duration --
Toxicity 30
Charges 2
Upgraded From --
Upgrades Into Enhanced White Raffard's Decoction

White Raffard's Decoction is a Potion in The Witcher 3: Wild HuntPotions are special concoctions that Geralt can imbibe to gain a plethora of short-lived effects that are highly beneficial both in and out of combat. However, they also have adverse effects on his blood Toxicity that need to be managed. Potions can be used at any time from the Inventory, or they can be assigned to your Consumables Quickslots for easy access. They have a limited number of charges but can be replenished by Meditating for at least one hour while possessing one or more units of Alcohol.  

This Potion can be upgraded into the Enhanced White Raffard's Decoction.


White Raffard's Decoction Potion Attributes in The Witcher 3

The White Raffard's Decoction Potion has the following properties:

Immediately restores a portion of Vitality.
35% Vitality
60% Vitality (New Game +)

This Potion works like traditional potions in other RPG titles, instantaneously healing Geralt for a certain amount. The amount of healing is increased during a New Game + playthrough.

Note that despite its name, the White Raffard's Decoction is not a Decoction. The name is simply a carry-over from previous games where the item existed but Decoctions, as a feature and mechanic did not. For all intents and purposes, it is considered a Potion, exhibiting all the characteristics of potions such as multple charges, short durations and accumulating Potion Toxicity, which is functionally distinct from Decoction Toxicity.


White Raffard's Decoction Crafting Information in The Witcher 3

Like most PotionsWhite Raffard's Decoction can be crafted via Alchemy after finding and reading its Manuscript. Manuscripts can be found randomly in treasure chests, particularly guarded treasure, but many can also be purchased from Herbalists and Alchemists in major cities, towns and other settlements.

The required ingredients for crafting White Raffard's Decoction are as follows: 

The Crafting Manuscript for this potion is potentially stocked by Otto Bamber at the Herbalist's Hut northeast of Oxenfurt.


The Witcher 3 White Raffard's Decoction Potion Notes & Trivia

  • Additional Notes & Trivia for the White Raffard's Decoction Potion go here.




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