Where the Cat and Wolf Play

Velen, Oreton Village
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Where The Cat and Wolf Play is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Where The Cat and Wolf Play Objectives

  1. Go to the Elder and discuss the Contract
  2. Solve the mystery of the village murders


  • Alghouls (1st Phase)
  • Witcher of The School of The Cat (Optional)


  • ??


You will get the Quest from the Board in Oreton. You have to travel to the nearby village to investigate a Monster's actions, only to discover that a different fate has befallen the villagers.

Search around with your Witcher senses until you initiate the cut-scene with the little girl. Follow her trail to find her. Use Axii on her to gain information or hand her the doll to make her cooperate ( Geralt will give her the doll nonetheless after the dialogue so you just net 40XP).

After you follow the new trail you will find the Circle of Stones. Examine it to determine the suspect's movements and go to meet with them. At this point you have two choices:
  • Kill the witcher (Gaetan) here. If you allows him a chance to heal during the dialogue he will actually use a smoke bomb on you that disables all Potions and Blinds for 60". After that it will be a tough fight so be ready. If you will you can loot the body for a useless (very low lvl) Witcher's Silver Sword.
  • Spare him. He will give you directions to his stash containing a few ingredients and a very servicable, lvl 26 Steel Sword (TEIGR)

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Notes & Trivia

  • As you approach the witcher he will comment on your gear along with your Medallion. If you are wearing any school gear (other that Wolf) he will call you a cross-breed. Very nice little detail.

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