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Troll is an Creature/Monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Troll Information

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Trivia & Lore

  • Trolls are hulking and stocky creatures with thick hides that are normally white and blue. The face of a troll is regularly covered in scars, their fashion sense is simple with refuse and branches often being a part of their attire. Trolls are much larger than most humanoids, standing at least seven feet tall while being wider and covered in fat along with muscles. While of low intelligence they are sentient and are capable of making peace with other sentient life, though of course not all of troll-kind can be considered friendly. It is common for them to repair bridges and old buildings while taking tolls from those who use the structures they maintain. Originally the trolls were at odds with most others but as time went on people got used to the sight of these brutes. Trolls speak slowly and have difficulty constructing proper sentences.

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