Siegfried is a Knight of the Order of the Flaming rose, or its Master depending upon the players actions in The Witcher. He may or may not appear in The Witcher 3, in The Witcher 2 for those who could not use a previous save file from The Witcher he was automatically set to dead. As such Siegfried may appear, but it is possible he will only be a character in the PC version.


Siegfried is a knight of an unknown origin, though it is likely a simple tale which is why he does not boast of it. This knight joined the Order of the Flaming Rose so that he may clean up the world and make it a better place. Along his journeys eventually he was upon a quest to kill a cockatrice within the sewers of Vizima, the capital of Temeria. It was here that he first met Geralt, the two may or may not work together to slay the creature depending on the player's actions. Afterwards the two end up facing an assassin, he gives Geralt further aid before the two depart. From then on he mostly stays with the knights of his order, every now and then lending aid to Geralt if the two were allies. Depending upon who Geralt has or has not sided with, Siegfried may die in battle, live on, or even succeed the previous Grand Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose. Whether he survives the battle of Vizima is entirely up to the Witcher. Afterwards he would not appear until Geralt travels to Loc Muinne. Here he may be with the knights of the Order if he is their Grand Master, otherwise he will not appear. During the events that unfold he will help Geralt in dealing with a sensitive issue, and even if ordered to kill the Witcher he will turn a blind eye and have his men ignore him. It is not currently known what happened to Siegfried and the Knights of the Order of the Flaming Rose after the events of Loc Muinne.


Siegfried is a very courageous man with a lot of care for upholding morals, although these are generally good traits to have due to his conviction to the Order of the Flaming Rose it can cause him to do dark acts in the name of good. He seems to dislike non-humans, but actually the man has a level of respect for Witchers which isn't seen in most people. Siegfried above all else dislikes evil, whether it come in the form of a bandit or a monster. He can be prudish at times, a knight through and through.

Abilities and Skills

Siegfried is a skilled fighter, he is capable of wielding a sword quite well and has been known to hunt monsters. Along with that he is trained to wear heavy armor with ease. Being a human though he has no magical abilities.


Depending on the player's actions in The Witcher, Siegfried will have different outlooks upon Geralt. He may end up seeing him as a troublemaker and wicked person, fighting against good. However if the two work together frequently and end up on the same side, he'll consider Geralt to be a good friend. This can be seen continued in The Witcher 2, where if he is around while working as the new Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose, he'll aid Geralt.

In The Witcher 3

It is unknown currently if he will appear in The Witcher 3.


  • If Siegfried appears in The Witcher 3, while being a secondary character he will appear in every main The Witcher game.
  • It is questionable who his father truly is.
  • Siegfried does not appear in The Witcher novels.


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