Saddlebags in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are items that allow you to carry more weight via your Horse. A full list of available saddlebags is below:

Type weight orens Obtained
Saddlebags - 30 Maximum Inventory Weight 1.76 100 Starting horse races and various merchants.
Rugged saddlebags - 70 Maximum Inventory Weight 3 175 Bought from merchant in the town of Oreton in Velen, won from the Novigrad Horse Race,
bought from the Journeyman armor crafter in Heirarch Square in Novigrad
Zerrikanian saddlebags - 100 Maximum Inventory Weight 1.76 904 Bought from merchant in the Putrid Grove (After Pyres of Novigrad?), bought from a merchant in Holmstein's Port in Skellige. May also be obtained from The Heroes Pursuits: Fayrlund.
Undvik saddlebags - 100 Maximum Inventory Weight 0.51 756 Bought from the armorer at Kaer Trolde.
Beaclair saddlebags - 110 Maximum Inventory Weight 1.26 100 North of Ardaiso Quarry, looted at the Knight Errant in distress Point of Interest.

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    • Anonymous

      You’re missing the ofieri saddle bags sold by the trader near the runewright craftsman near Upper Mill

      • Anonymous

        The Oreton merchant is available after you rescue him from the Person in Distress point of interest at the Bandit Camp at the island right north of Drudge.

        • Anonymous

          You don't have to wait it's there immediately and you run straight there after you leave beginner town lol

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