Runewords in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are a category of Equipment Upgrades that Geralt can use to improve his gear. Runewords are introduced with the Hearts of Stone DLC and they can be imbued onto Steel Swords and Silver Swords that have 3 Slots, much like Runestones. Unlike Runestones, only 1 Runeword can be applied per weapon as they take up all available slots. However, Runewords grant far more substantial effects which can drastically change your playstyle or complement your preferred skillsets. Runeword enchanting is a service provided exclusively by the Runewright at the Upper Mill in Brunwich in Redania.

  • See the Upgrades page for mechanics pertaining to Runewords
  • In order to unlock the Runewright's services, you must first complete the quests Enchanting: Start-up Costs and Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price.
  • Runewords are crafted from various Runestones.
  • Runewords are classified by Level, up to Level 3. After completing the above quests, you will have access to Level 1 Runewords. In order to unlock Level 2, you must donate a hefty additional 10,000 crowns for the Runewright's tools, and then another 15,000 crowns for Level 3. Note that these upgrades are shared with Glyphwords.


All Runewords in The Witcher 3


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Name Level Effect Crafted With

enchant level 1 witcher 3 wiki guideDumplings

Level 1 Any food consumed regenerates 100% more Vitality, but everything tastes like pierogies.

enchant level 2 witcher 3 wiki guideElation

Level 2 Fatal blows dealt with your sword give 0.1 to 0.25 Adrenaline Points.

enchant level 3 witcher 3 wiki guideInvigoration

Level 3 When at maximum Vitality, any Vitality regeneration turns into added damage (up to +50%) on your next strike.

enchant level 1 witcher 3 wiki guidePlacation

Level 1 Once they reach their maximum level, Adrenaline Points steadily decline until they reach 0. During this time Vitality and Stamina regeneration are accelerated and Toxicity declines more quickly.

enchant level 1 witcher 3 wiki guidePreservation

Level 1 Armorer's Table and Grindstone bonuses never expire.

enchant level 3 witcher 3 wiki guideProlongation

Level 3 Each unblocked blow increases potion duration time by 0.5s.

enchant level 2 witcher 3 wiki guideRejuvenation

Level 2 Each fatal blow dealt restores 25% of your Stamina.

enchant level 3 witcher 3 wiki guideReplenishment

Level 3 After you cast a Sign, an Adrenaline Point is consumed and your next sword attack is charged with the power of that Sign.

enchant level 2 witcher 3 wiki guideSeverance

Level 2 Increases the range of Whirl by 1.1 yards and Rend by 1.9 yards.


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