In the Eternal Fire's Shadow

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Type Secondary Quest
Location Velen
Suggested Level 15
Prerequisite None
Next Quest Scavenger Hunt: Forgotten Wolf School Gear Diagrams

In the Eternal Fire's Shadow is a Secondary Quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. This Secondary Quest was added with the New-Gen Update. Secondary Quests are optional Quests not required to finish the game. Some of these quests may have a bearing on certain Main Quests or may be a consequence of another Quest.

In the Eternal Fire's Shadow can be obtained by speaking to the priest of the Eternal Fire just west of the Devil's Pit signpost in Velen. Geralt is tasked with hunting down the bandits and spirits plaguing the pit in order to prevent another Catriona-like plague.


While passing the infamous Devil's Pit, Geralt overheard the desperate pleas of prayer - a prayer he answered.

A young deacon of the Church of the Eternal Fire asked the witcher for aid. It turned out a gang of deserters had taken hold of an abandoned mine, now long hauled by a mysterious specter thought to spread pestilence. Geralt must deal with this plague spirit or risk releasing it unto the world.


The Witcher 3 In the Eternal Fire's Shadow Objectives

  • Open the gate to the mine.
  • Search the mine.
  • Find out what happened to Reinald.
  • Read the red miasmal Bestiary entry.
  • (Optional) Prepare Reinald's Philter.
  • Free Reinald.
  • Defeat possessed Reinald.
  • Defeat the red miasmal.


Rewards for In the Eternal Fire's Shadow in The Witcher 3

If the priest dies:

  • 150 Exp

If the priest lives:

  • 75 Exp
  • 240 Crowns


Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 In the Eternal Fire's Shadow

In the Eternal Fire's Shadow can be started by speaking to the priest of the Eternal Fire right next to the signpost at the Devil's Pit in Velen. He asks Geralt to clear the pit of bandits and a malicious spirit that could unleash a deadly disease upon the Continent. Even if you've cleared the bandit camp prior to the update that introduced the quest, a few bandits will be lurking around the area. Defeat them, then head to the lowest layer of the camp, where your quest objective will lead you to a large set of double doors. Unlock them and enter the mine.

In this mine, there will be many lootable crates and barrels containing various valuable crafting materials. Make sure to activate your Witcher Senses once in a while to catch these crates. After walking forward a bit, jump up to the white-stained ledge on your right to pick up Reinald's note and a Greater Glyph of Yrden. A torch lies on the table as well to help light your way through these dark caves if you've not got one already. Head back down, then northward following the linear path. You will be greeted by another set of gates, this time with a note on it - First Letter from Reinald. Finish reading the note and a cutscene will play, with a mysterious voice asking for help and lighting a torch. After the cutscene ends, just ahead, Geralt will make a remark about his medallion humming. Use your Witcher Senses here to spot a very old dried blood puddle and an old Wolf School Insignia marking. These Wolf School Insignias are what we'll be using to mark the right way from here on out.

Past the blood puddle, you'll find a room which upon entering, the mysterious voice will remark about going the wrong way. You can use the Magic Lamp given to you by Keira Metz to watch ghosts of the plague victims previously trapped here. In the small room at the back, you can inspect the skeleton on the ground. Head back out to the corridor you found the Wolf School Insignia in when you're done exploring the room, and the mysterious voice will urge you to head down the stairs. Follow the path and you'll meet a fork in the road, with one path heading right and another going straight ahead. Though the voice asks you to go down to the right, don't listen to it and head straight forward down the path marked with three Wolf School Insignias so you won't miss anything this cave has to offer. Don't worry, the right path is just a shortcut to an area we'll be visiting later.

Loot the Greater Glyph of Yrden glowing on the floor next to the plague victim. The path forward is linear until you reach a larger cave opening. While on the bridge, jump up to the white-stained ledge to get access to a chest that can contain random diagrams and various crafting materials. Jump back down and cross the bridge to pick up the Third Letter from Reinald and another Greater Glyph of Yrden. Continue following the path and you'll find two fragile walls you can break with Aard. Shine the Magic Lamp in these cubbies to learn more about what they were doing in the mine. Continue following the path to find another Wolf School Insignia. You'll find a plague victim you can interact with to initiate a cutscene. Ahead, a small room on the right has another searchable skeleton, then continue on your way to reach another large cave opening.

There are multiple little rooms and cages here you can search for loot and ghostly memories with the Magic Lamp. The right way forward, however, is upwards, marked with another Wolf School Insignia. Before jumping across the ledge just past the next Greater Glyph of Yrden, drop down and turn around to find a door you can break open with Aard. Head back up and across the ledge to find a laboratory-like room. Examine the table to pick up the Forgotten Priest's Testament and use the magic lamp in this room to unlock a dialogue option for later on. Continue on forwards and jump across the broken bridge to get to another Wolf School Insignia on the floor. Up ahead is another Greater Glyph of Yrden along with the Fourth Letter from Reinald. After grabbing these items, turn back around and head eastwards to get to another large open cavern.

Another cutscene will play and you'll be forced into combat with some plague victims. These enemies fight like bandits and are not too hard to deal with. Once you're done clearing them, head up to the north side of the room to investigate and pick up the Note from Father Edgar. Head on over to the south side of the cavern and climb up the white-stained ledge to find a door that can be broken with Aard. Through it is the Second Letter from Reinald and a chest with the ingredients for Reinald's Philter. Read the new bestiary entry for the Red Misamal and craft Reinald's Philter to prepare for an upcoming fight. Afterwards, head south and follow the path. When you drop down, a plague victim will be waiting for you at the bottom.

Continue forward and you'll be met with another fork in the road - one heading north-west and one heading south-east. The path north-west takes you back to near the entrance of the cave where the ghost told you to head towards the right (and we ignored it). Go down the south-east path and in the room ahead, you'll be greeted by 3 plague victims. Keep going forward and you'll find the Fifth Letter from Reinald pinned to some closed doors. After reading it is a good place to make a save as there's a boss fight incoming.

Enter the room and the witcher Reinald will ask you to free him from his salty prison. Aard him and a dialogue cutscene will play out. During this dialogue, Geralt will have one major choice to make - whether to trust and give the potion to Reinald or not trust Reinald. The main difference between these two choices is that distrusting Reinald makes Geralt drink the potion himself, giving you access to increased Sign Intensity and Stamina regeneration, whereas trusting Reinald causes the potion to be spilt, with no one being able to drink the potion. After this dialogue, a boss fight with Possessed Reinald will start. Bring him down to about 1/8 of his health and the next part of the boss fight will initiate, this time against the Red Miasmal itself.

After finishing both phases of the boss fight, you'll be stuck in a lengthy conversation with Reinald and the next dialogue choices you pick will affect the ending of the quest. The first major choice to make is whether or not you accept Reinald's request to bring the priest to him. If you decline, Geralt sends Reinald's spirit off but the priest will refuse to believe what the Eternal Fire did to the plague victims in the Devil's Pit. Accept Reinald's request and you'll have a few more important dialogue choices to make. All dialogue choices supporting Reinald's disdain for the priests of the Eternal Fire will result in Reinald killing the young priest in a fit of rage.

To keep the priest alive, the dialogue choices you will need to choose are: "Boy's innocent." -> "Don't need a church to do good, priest". In this ending, Reinald sets aside his anger and passes on peacefully, and the young priest vows to turn the Devil's Pit into a sanctuary for the living. Come back to the Devil's Pit after a few days of completing the quest and you'll find that the young priest kept his promise. The caves themselves are now locked, but the bandit's camp is now a shelter for refugees and injured folk. Right by the entrance to the Devil's Pit is a new merchant you can play Gwent with.


The Witcher 3 In the Eternal Fire's Shadow Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, Other Trivia for In the Eternal Fire's Shadow.



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