Heightened Tolerance

Tree Alchemy
Tier 1
Ranks 5
Effect Increases Potion overdose threshold by 5%. Potion duration time: +5%

Heightened Tolerance is a Alchemy Skill in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Heightened Tolerance is located in the Brewing Skill Line.

Heightened Tolerance Information


  • Tree: Alchemy
  • Tier: 1
  • Ranks: 5
  • Heightened Tolerance increases the Toxicity required to suffer the effects of overdose. Fully upgraded and equiped, Geralt can no longer suffer overdose side-effects like health degen and max health decrease. Your healthbar will however still turn green if you go past 70% Toxicity. Geralt will also still show Toxicity effects and green clouds will still appear at the corners of the screen.



  1. Increases Potion overdose threshold by 5%. Potion duration time: +5%
  2. Increases Potion overdose threshold by 10%. Potion duration time: +10%
  3. Increases Potion overdose threshold by 15%. Potion duration time: +15%
  4. Increases Potion overdose threshold by 20%. Potion duration time: +20%
  5. Increases Potion overdose threshold by 25%. Potion duration time: +25%

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    • Anonymous

      This skill is very useful!05 Jul 2016 15:38  

      5/5 points = 100% resistence against vitality loss. So you can buff yourself with potions until your toxity maximum is reached anytime.

      • Overdose Threshold?05 Jul 2016 15:38  

        I dont really understand this perk. Increase potion strength? Clearly doesnt increase max toxicity level since there are other perks that do that. If it has to do with taking potions while you are overdosing, well why would i ever let my toxicity level stay overdosed. it drains so much life.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe the worst skill in the game05 Jul 2016 15:38  

          This skill seems completely pointless. There are some skills of questionable usefulness that are at least a lot of fun to use, like the arrow deflection one, but this makes a small difference even when maxed. CDPR should also change how it's described since most people have no idea what the skill's meant to do and assume it's just a badly-worded reference to Toxicity.

          • Anonymous

            Addition05 Jul 2016 15:38  

            Currently its reported that this ability functions without being slotted, I'll test this out tonight if I can.

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