Damage 84 Slashing Damage
Required Level 6
Item Type Relic Item
Upgrade Slots 3
Weight 2.36 kg

Gwyhyr is a Steel Weapon in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Gwyhyr Information


Weapon Specs

  • 84 Slashing Damage
  • Yrden Sign Intensity +6%
  • 52 Armor Piercing
  • Crit Hit Damage Bonus +6%
  • Bleed Chance +6%


Materials Obtained from Deconstruction


  • On the North-West of "The Hang Man's Tree" Sign there is a cave! -Velen No Man's Land
  • gwyhyr_location.jpg
  • gwyhyr_stats.jpg
  • Note! You can take the witcher contract quest from the "Notice Board" at the "In at the Crossroads" to make it easier to find it! But be aware that the quest and the final monster itself are lvl 33!


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    • Anonymous

      Gwyhyr in Harisi Cave Lair05 Jul 2016 15:37  

      I just took this witcher contract from a guy named Bruno who is seeking for his brother! What makes it tricky about this contract is that the main quest leads you to the "Crossroads" and just like all the other players I take all the quest I can get in the new area.Even tho I am lvl 5, the monster of this contract is lvl 33. You can do all the requirments for the quest like ( exploring the cave, looting;destroying the spider eggs); BUT the monster is to strong to be killed(Good thing that it's not verry aggresive). In her lair you will find few boxes and bodies. After you have tracked her down and the cinematics run, head further into the cave, you will find a DEAD SOLDIER body and you can loot his items(Here is where you find Gwyhyr). There is a trick: I'm lvl 5, running thro this cave trying to kill the beast few times, looted the sword from the soldier and eveytime I died and took it back it had different levels and stats. I tried to get the max lvl and stats by saving the game near it's body and reloading. The highest level on this sword i got it for lvl 6 and lowest 2. My opinion about this thing is that it scales with level and i think i might just leave it here be and come back later when i get more levels to test it if it's true.

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