foglet_card.jpgFoglet is a Gwent Card in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For the version in the standalone game, see Foglet in the Gwent Wiki.

"Fog creeps on little cat feet. Foglets creep over the bodies of their victims."


Card Information

  • Card Type: Close Combat
  • Faction: Monsters
  • Card Strength: 2
  • Special Ability: None



  • 1 is bought from the inkeeper in Svorlag

    • Anonymous

      Innkeeper Not spawning Card...14 Aug 2016 23:32  

      So I'm having an issue with the innkeeper not having the card in his inventory is there a way to fix this glitch or another way to get the card? Because Its the last I need for the Achievement and I am NOT doing it all again

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