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Faithful Friend

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White Orchard Tavern
Suggested Level
After Quest
Something Ends, Something Begins

Faithful Friend is a Secondary Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This quest is available during the epilogue of the Main Quest Something Ends, Something Begins

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Faithful Friend Objectives

  1. Catch the runaway horse.


  • ?? xp
  • ?? gold
  • ?? items


Locations: White Orchard, Woesong Bridge
Characters: Peasant, Gulden's Master
Enemies: None

After Something Ends, Something Begins, you will exit the White Orchard tavern and will witness a horse wrestling off its restraints and galloping away. Follow the horse tracks across the bridge and you will find it has made its way to a soldier. The soldier was the rightful owner of the horse, and now that they are re-united the quest concludes.

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