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Elves are one of the species appearing in the Witcher series, they are commonly referred to as a race but in reality they would be considered a species. There are two main groups that distinguish from one another among the elves, Aen Seidhe and Aen Elle. The Aen Seidhe are the elves that have traveled to the main Continent of the Witcher while the Aen Elle exist on a different world. Elves are capable of breeding with humans, which will produce half-elves, and quadroons. Dryads may also breed with them but the children will be female dryads. The Elves of the Witcher series are considered to be beautiful and long lived, however they need to breed early in life otherwise they'll lose the capability. Their populations rise very slowly due to how long it takes for them to bare children. Aside from pointed ears, a lack of canine teeth, and generally more slender figures, elves and humans physically look similar. While an Elder Race, the elves are not considered to be the eldest of the people on the Continent Instead they were preceded by the gnomes, causing the elves to be the second eldest of people.

Elf History

The history of the elves is long and largely forgotten by those who were not capable of experiencing it first hand. While originally a people focused on beauty and artwork, due to a series of bloody conflicts they've lost a great deal of their culture to time. Long ago the elves battled with humans facing many conflicts that saw the destruction of their cities and people. After these struggles it became apparent that humans were at the top of the food chain, as such many elves faced subjugation or fled to the East into dangerous mountainous territories.

Elven Organizations

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Elves In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Notable Settlements



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