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Dandelion is a Character/NPC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Dandelion is a bard, poet, professor, spy, and gentleman. He studied at Oxenfurt where his favorite subject was geography due to the fact that the books for that class were large enough that he could hide vodka behind them.

"I would wager anyone that you, dear reader, are a person of culture and taste — and therefore already familiar with me, Dandelion, and the role I am to play in the following tale. Nevertheless, allow me to sketch a few lines by way of self-portrait, for the sake of thoroughness, and in the event you have spent much of the last half-century in some dark corner where the light of my star has yet to reach.

"Born in 1229, a talented poet and troubadour, a graduate of Oxenfurt Academy, a frequent performer at royal courts, an unequaled lover appreciated, and in some cases adored, by ladies worldwide, a skilled negotiator and a stirring orator" — such is the image of the bard Dandelion as painted by his friends and promoters.

This image is, of course, somewhat overbright in its coloring — I personally prefer to think of myself as a dedicated artist in thrall to his Muse, one whose work has benefited immeasurably from the fact that I was, am and forever will remain a close friend and steadfast companion to the witcher Geralt. It is his fate I chronicle in this present work and his story which I shall sing till the end of my days."

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  • Dandelion is one of Geralt's closest friends and has travelled with the Witcher on several occasions, some times followed by the third member of their party, Zoltan. Although the bard thinks highly of the Witcher he rarely expresses it in public, primarily due to the fact that he himself is a man of peculiar reputation and fears that his involvement with the notorious hunter of monsters would garner him the hatred and spite of powerful indiviuals and that of the general public. Things being what they are though and as timid as he might appear, Dandelion has often been involved with politics on an intimate level, a practice that has brought him close to many monarchs in the past, serving as a spy or royal minstrel on occasion.

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