Contract: Woodland Beast

Border Post
Creature or Person Hunted
Suggested Level

Contract: Woodland Beast is a Contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can pick up this quest on the Notice Board south of Border Post.

"Monsters, like men, each have their own individual tastes and preferences. According to legend, dragons like to savor the delicate notes of virgins, while ghouls delight in the powerful flavors of rotting flesh. In the woods outside Novigrad, meanwhile, a beast had cropped up with a predilection for Redanian transport wagons. Not surprisingly, the captain of the nearby guardpost did not appreciate this culinary choice and put out a bounty on the monster's head."

Contract: Woodland Beast Objectives

  1. Find the area where the soldiers where attacked
  2. Track the woodland beast
  3. Encounter "beast"


  • ?? xp
  • ?? gold
  • Depending on how you finish it either: Silk, chest and pant armor, wolf pelts, and some herbs OR 30 or so crowns and a travellers pass


After tracking the "woodland beast" the soldier wants you to find to a hill guarded by some Drowners you are confronted by an elf archer. He will ask you want you are doing and depending on your choice of dialogue:

a) I need to speak with your commander
b) You've killed enough humans already
c) Taking a stroll

You will either be attacked (dialogue choices B and C) or you will be asked to drop your weapons and follow him. Again depending on your dialogue you can either agree to remove your weapons or you can refuse (the latter will result in an attack). If you solve this quest with violence and kill the elves the quest will be completed can you can go back to the commander and receive your reward (which is a few crowns and a travel pass). If you speak will the elves and decide to leave them be you receive a reward (some silk, chest and pant armor, wolf pelts, and some herbs) and then return to the commander to either tell him elves are involved or lie. If you lie you don't get the traveler's papers, however you acquire some from the The Bloody Baron during the main story missions or from an NPC near the notice board north of Hanged Man's Tree and south of Border Post.

Notes & Trivia

  • If you tell the guard about the elves he'll highlight of the tensions between humans an non-humans with some racist banter.
  • If you leave the elves alone but decide to tell the guard at the bridge about them. The elf female commander will ambush you later in the game claiming that you betrayed her. I was ambushed by her alone just outside Novigrad near the Glory Gate signpost at night.

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    • Anonymous
      bwahahahahaa!!!05 Jul 2016 09:38  

      i chose options to bring me to their commander, then do as you will, and received a magical elf sword and some ingredients. then i murdered them all and recieved another magical elf sword and a few other elf swords (each can be sold for 40g or dismantled into dark iron ingots) then claimed 30g from the guard and a pass :)

      • Anonymous
        Contract Woodland Beast05 Jul 2016 09:38  

        Or u can kill them after recieving the reward and finish the quest commander killed duno if it has any side effects later in game

        • Anonymous

          if u are going to leave the elf live, after they return your stuff there is a sword by the leader. doesnt appear as look is just there, and there is a chest behind you. you can just take it too they won't attack

          • Anonymous
            Contract Woodland Beast05 Jul 2016 09:38  

            Not sure if worth mentioning but I picked up this quest at Oxenfurt noticeboard. Had not visited the south border post area yet in the playthrough. PC version.

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