Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk

Oxenfurt Notice Board
Creature or Person Hunted
Lesser Blue Mutagen, Key to Katakan Lair. Katakan Trophy, Crowns

Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk is a Contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk Objectives

  1. Talk to the Redanian officer.
  2. Talk to the medic.
  3. Look over the victims' bodies.
  4. Talk to the witnesses.
  5. Examine the site where the crime took place.
  6. Talk to the innkeep and get drunk in order to bait the katakan.
  7. Walk around near the tavern in order to provoke the katakan.
  8. Kill the katakan.
  9. Use your Witcher Senses to track down the katakan.
  10. Get inside the katakan's hideout.
  11. Kill the katakan.
  12. Take a trophy.
  13. Collect your reward from the Redanian officer.



Locations: Oxenfurt, Oxenfurt Port, Oxenfurt Morgue, The Alchemy Tavern, River Hut
Characters: Nikolas Friedman, Medic, Weeping Woman, Stjepan
Enemies: Gael

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Notes & Trivia

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  • Sometimes will 8. Kill the katakan. have a red cross over it.

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