Contract: Swamp Thing

Location Downwarren
Creature or Person Hunted Ignis Fatuus
Suggested Level 12

Contract: Swamp Thing is a Contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can pick up this quest from the villager in Crookback Bog.

"While traversing an unpleasant swamp near the village of Downwarren, Geralt came across some very unusual tracks. HIs instincts told him they ight have been left by a monster, so he decided to take a closer look..."

Contract: Swamp Thing Objectives

  1. Investigate the strange fog using your Witcher Senses.
  2. Use the Eye of Nehaleni to see though the illusion.
  3. Kill the foglet.
  4. Take trophy from Foglet's body.
  5. Collect the reward for the foglet.



  • 240 xp
  • (you can push him up to 280 gold you will need to wait a week)


After taking up the contract from Leslav head south of your location to where the bog ends. Once you reach there you will come across a fog that affects Geralt's breath. Move past it and push up against the rocks on the cliffside, eventually you will find illusionary rocks, interact with them with the Eye of Nehaleni to unveil a passage leading into a cave system.

After a fight with a regular foglet inside the cave a cutscene will trigger revealing the Ignis Fatuus. After you have done battle and slain it collect your reward and return to take your prize.

For lower leveled players going into the fight it's best to use Axii to stun the creature and run in for a few hits before rushing back to a safe position on the side of the cave, outside of the highlighted area.

  • - by FiOth

Notes & Trivia

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