Contract: Missing Son

Notice Board in Rannvaig, find Olve's notice or stumble into Morvudd
Creature or Person Hunted
Fiend Dung, Fiend Mutagen, Fiend's Eye, Fiend Trophy, Crowns

Contract: Missing Son is a Contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Contract: Missing Son Objectives

  1. Talk to Odhen of Rannvaig.
  2. Examine the castle ruins using your Witcher Senses.
  3. Kill the fiend.
  4. Find the fiend's lair using your Witcher Senses.
  5. Kill the fiend.
  6. Take a trophy from the fiend.
  7. Collect your reward.



Locations: Rannvaig (in Ard Skellig), Castle Ruins
Characters: Odhen, Olve
Enemies: Morvudd (is a Fiend)

Talk to Odhen near the shore and learn about his worries for his son Olve, who was last seen setting off to adventure to explore the castle ruins. You should mount and travel south towards the objective area, it will be a longish ride until you reach the ruined castle. Once you enter the courtyard and examine it with your Witcher Senses, the battle with Morvudd begins. Use Fiend weaknesses to assist you in this fight, but keep in mind the enemy will blind you and flee once its health reaches 33 %.

Using your Witcher Senses, find and follow the prints towards the east and will eventually come upon the Fiend's lair. Battle again and defeat the creature, then note that Olve lies dead nearby. You should loot the defeated enemy and return to Odhen for your reward.

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Notes & Trivia

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