Contract: Jenny O' the Woods

Location Midcopse
Creature or Person Hunted Jenny O' the Woods
Reward 240 XP / Gold: As much as Haggled (Managed to get 285)

Contract: Jenny O' the Woods is a Contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"While in the area around the village of Midcopse, Geralt decided to look around and see if there wasn't anyone in need of a witcher. It just so happened there was - on the local notice board hung an offer of a bounty for ridding the area of a monster called Jenny o' the Woods. Geralt decided this was something he should look into."

Contract: Jenny O' the Woods Objectives

  1. Talk to the ealdorman of Midcopse.
  2. Interrogate the witnesses.
  3. Search the nearby fields using your Witcher Senses.
  4. Use your Witcher Senses to determine what happened to the dragged body.
  5. Read the letter you found in the shallow grave.
  6. Ask the ealdorman about the lovers.
  7. Burn Zula's letter and the dried blood from the knife.
  8. Kill the monster.
  9. Take a trophy from the monster.
  10. Collect your reward.



  • 240 xp
  • Haggle for X Gold (Up to 290 verified)
  • No items apart from the ones looted



During the fight with Jenny you will be mostly relying on the Yrden sign throughout the fight as many of the other signs are useless against Jenny. Generally the best way to go about the first stage of the fight when she is trying to physically attack you is to keep distance and use the Yrden sign when she is far enough away. Once the sign is cast lure her into the trap and allow her to attack, then punish it accordingly. All the while make sure she doesn't hit you too often as she hits hard.

Eventually she will render herself into a form you cannot attack and summon low leveled nightwraiths, once this happens cast the Yrden sign until the gust of smoke she turned into is caught before using Igni. Continue to repeat said tactics until she is slain.

  • - by FiOth


Notes & Trivia

  • This is one of the toughest battles so far. Make sure you have used a Grindstone for your Blade, a Bench for your armour, you have some Spectre Oil and Thunderbolts on you and are fully rested and healed.


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    • Anonymous

      I got 295...first I tried 320 then 300 then dropped it to 285 he was almost max annoyed her so I dropped it to 280 and he said forget it you take whats posted so I assumed this meant the original 240 or whatever so I reloaded my past save from when I fast traveled to midscope then went and talked to him and the first thing I tried was 295 I figured I’d work him slowly but he just agreed to it right of the bat

      • Anonymous

        The subtitles for this video guide are the worst. It is obvious that whoever did the subtitles have never played the game. But he did have a good strategy to beat her.

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