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Contract: Here Comes the Groom

Notice Board in Svorlag, or find the Ekhidna cave
Creature or Person Hunted
Lock of Lamia Hair, Ekhidna Mutagen, Ekhidna Trophy, Crowns

Contract: Here Comes the Groom is a Contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Contract: Here Comes the Groom Objectives

  1. Ask Kevan about the contract.
  2. Talk to Britt.
  3. Explore the caves Britt mentioned.
  4. Find Melusine in the caves.
  5. Take a trophy from Melusine.
  6. Collect your reward from Kevan.
  7. Tell Britt what happened to her betrothed.



Locations: Svorlag in Spikeroog, Cave of Melusine
Characters: Kevan, Britt, Nils
Enemies: Sirens, Drowners, Melusine ( Ekhidna)

Pick the notice board quest and talk to Kevan in his house near the water, who wants you to find his sister's fiance, Nil. His sister Britt claims to have seen a beast carrying Nil away, but others believe he got cold feet. You can haggle for a better reward and then speak to Britt, who is weeping by a cliff north of the hut. She tells you her fiance was taken by a winged creature into a cave.

The cave in question is down south, accessible by boat or by following the winding road, and is guarded by sirens and drowners. Inside the cave, use your Witcher Senses to inspect an altar to Melusine, and take the tunnels further in to discover:
  • Strange scales on the altar.
  • Large Siren tracks.
  • Odd-colored scales.

Deep within the tunnels, if you climb the side, you will find a treasure chest. Beyond this you will encounter more drowners and explosive barrels, and not far from there the corpse of Nils, who was dropped by a flying monster. The Melusine will attack you now. Once you have defeated it, return to Kevan and opt to end the quest or be the one to tell Britts. If you do, she will give you an extra reward for believing her story.

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