Contract: Components for an Armorer

Location (Contract giver's Location)
Creature or Person Hunted Archgriffin
Reward ??

Components for an Armorer is a Contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You must be in the quest The Bloody Baron or Witch Hunt and have completed Secondary Quest Master Armorer

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Components for an Armorer Objectives

  1. Find the archgriffin using your Witcher Senses and kill it.
  2. Get gland acid from an archgriffin.
  3. Take the gland acid to Yoana.
  4. Take the archgriffin trophy to the baron’s quartermaster.



Characters: Yoana
Enemies: Bandit, Rabid Dog

This quest is often started from Master Armorers when Yoana reveals she wants to show Fergus for the sham he is. You are tasked with finding Archgriffin Acid, and for this you must set North of Crow's Perch, slightly north from Wolven Glade.

Defeat the group of bandits and dogs in the area and then use your Witcher Senses to note claw prints and blodied remains by the road. Further ahead, a feather on the fields is your last clue. The Archgriffin nest is on the top of a hill, you may use Aard, Hybrid Oil & Grapeshot to defeat the beast.

Once you have defeated it, obtain the gland and griffin trophies and return to Yoana and to the Baron's Quartermaster for a reward for the acid and for the trophy.

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